Ifrit Complete Picture

All right, this is an example of an Ifrit, (plural efreeti), inspired by ideas from mythology, Ao no Exorcist, and my own original ideas.

Efreeti are very interesting demons, as they are as varied in their temperaments as humans. Some of them are as dangerous as the flames they control; others can be very useful and steadfast allies. In fact, some efreeti have even been heroes in times past, and earned redemption. Therefore, it is impossible to predict whether an ifrit is evil just by looking at them, which in some ways make them particularly dangerous.

They can be either sex but tend to be female. They can create and control both fire and thick, oily smoke, and stronger ones are capable of generating wings from these elements (as pictured). Their hands end in terribly sharp, soot stained claws that cause burning wounds that sizzle for a short while after they are inflicted. All efreeti possess horns and feet resembling an ibex or other wild goat that come in a variety of colors, from natural tones to burnished gold and even black. Their skin is a ruddier version of their vessel's, or in some rare cases vibrant red or pitch black. Efreeti are one of the few demons that can turn into inanimate objects; in fact they are master shapeshifters and can turn into creatures and objects of any size or complexity (depending on their strength), but these are disguises and are not useful for fighting. Those familiar with the efreeti will know to look for faint smoke (or the odor of the same) emanating from objects/creatures where they are expecting an ifrit.

Humans possessed by an ifrit are always warmer to the touch than is natural (many would consider them feverish, though they won't act as if they have a fever). Particularly powerful efreeti have an even more difficult time hiding in a vessel--their touch can cause flammable objects to alight and is very uncomfortable, even painful, upon the flesh of mortals and they tend to leave behind sooty footprints (even when wearing shoes).

Most efreeti can also teleport short distances by disappearing in a puff of smoke, and can become a cloud of smoke to get through small spaces (very useful, as their preferred domiciles are caves). Sometimes they do this to hide in small objects, such as oil lamps and clay pots.

In the past, the efreeti were much maligned for their tendency to abduct humans as spouses or slaves. They are one of the vary few demons known to intermarry (and successfully remain with) humans, likely due to their similar temperaments, but they force their paramours to enter efreeti society (not the other way around) so such humans are never seen or heard from again (unless they escape somehow).

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