Come child, come to the arms of the Valkyrie Picture

A Nordic angel, a Valkyrie!
These beautiful winged women flew over the battlefield like voltures. Looking for dying heroes, who they would lift up into the skies, and take to Valhalla.

Many myths and legends exist about these angels of death, and they are normally potrayed with a winged helmet and with a spear, but I like this way better

The Runes on het axe are Sowulo and Dagaz,
Sowulo stands for success, goals achieved and honor.
Dagaz stands for breakthrough, awakening and awareness.

Combinding those two, the meaning is something that resembles going to Valhalla, which is exactly what the Valkyrie helped the fallen warriors to do.

this is the first time I (more or less) succesfully drew a cloudy sky
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