Lugh's fury Picture

Finished the 21th April, 2014 |

This is an experiment in which I tried to achieve a 'looser' way of painting.
I first scanned a drawing from my sketchbook and colored it digitally with 'multiply'. Then I painted all over it using it as a base. This is the final result! I worked fast on this one and I'm very happy with the final artwork. I believe it was a sucessful experiment.

Lugh is an Irish deity, a hero and High King of the ancient past. He is known forhaving a spear of fire, but the flames only fade if they touch human blood. Lugh doesn't really have a function as god, because he's got all of them, that's why he's known as Samhildánach (meaning "equally skilled in many arts") His Welsh counterpart is Lleu Llaw Gyffes, "The Bright One with the Strong Hand".

I hope you like it!

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