Finn McCool Picture

Prismacolor markers

Fionn mac Cumhaill (often anglicized to Finn McCool) is a hero from ancient Irish folklore. Finn was one of the giants who once roamed Eire, but he was quite little for a giant, so he often had to rely on his wits to survive. His greatest enemy was Goll McMorna (called "Goll" because he had one eye) a powerful giant who killed Finn's father and took over leadership of the Fianna, the greatest band of warriors in Ireland. Finn fought and defeated Goll to reclaim his right to leadership. Ironically, Goll became a loyal follower of Finn after their battle.

"Fionn" means fair, and the character either has light blond or prematurely white hair in the stories.

You can see my drawing is reminiscent of Link and Ganondorf.
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