Falco's in my game Picture

And iz mah soopah-charged Pharaoh!
I was playing Age of Mythology a little, and was enjoying thoroughly kicking my opponent's butt. I had locked him up on his own little island with nothing more than a town center, a temple, and a hero. I used the "Son of Osiris" power to turn my otherwise wimpy-looking Pharaoh into a super-cool eagle-headed man. I then proceeded to invade my opponent's island with nothing more than 5 phoenixes, 5 anubites, and 5 crocodiles that focus light rays like a laser. When I came out victorious, the game glitched a little and made my little Son of Osiris even better: It's Falco!

'Course this is nowhere near as funny as when I got a Pharaoh named Larry.
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