Ready Player One: Legendary Portraits: Art3mis Picture

I was in the mood to draw tonight so I thought I would do another Art3mis Portrait. This was based off of a few different things:

1. The Artwork of Jae Lee. Jae Lee has created art for DC, Marvel, and various other comic labels. I admire his style very much, and wanted to create sort of a love letter to his work. I especially am a huge fan of what he has imagined for the New 52 comic, Batman/Superman.

2. I have said before that I see a lot of Wonder Woman influences in Art3mis, and so once again I made that apparent by basing this drawing off of a very specific Wonder Woman by Jae Lee, in which she and Batwoman team up. The basic shape of her body and style approach is an emulation of Jae Lee's original drawing.

3. I wanted to flesh out my ideas for her costume that I developed before, and so this was a great excuse to show off her full body portrait, but this time, complete with her Vorpal sword, and Black Chuck Taylor All Star Super Speed/Flying shoes that she famously sports in the book.

4. This wasn't just influenced by my previous outfit, but also influenced by the new Japanese edition of the book, which has 2 amazing covers, one of which is an absolutely spectacular rendition of Art3mis' blue scifi armor. So going into this drawing, I wanted to take elements from that outfit, but flesh it out with my own in mind to give it a very distinct look that was my own.

5. Finally, I haven't forgot the fact that Art3mis isn't supposed to be slim, which is something a lot of people overlook as well in their own renditions of the character, but I wanted to think of this as not Art3mis from the books, but Art3mis as she would exist in a LEGENDARY or MYTHOS PORTRAIT, which is something Sideshow Collectibles has been doing for a few years now. In a Legendary Portrait, they would have the character in a very iconic grandiose action pose. In a Mythos Portrait, it would be a mythological interpretation of a character, where you wouldn't know exactly what that hero looked like, so the impression would be larger than life. Hence, a Mythos Portrait. For the purpose of this drawing, I decided to just call it Legendary, referring to both types. It is Art3mis as if she were a goddess of the Oasis. A mythical member of the fabled High 5.

I would love to draw more of these for the other members of the High 5, so if i get some good response to this, than more will follow.
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