Tigon's Entrance Picture

Tigon again! After weeping and rubbing his face in ashes and other grief-stricken activities, he notices another column of smoke on the horizon and investigates. Finding the Red Lizards engaged in attacking another city, he fights his way in and saves a group of women and children.

Not entirely happy with this picture, but it's nice enough. The girl back there, by the way, IS a princess, but it's not supposed to be that obvious. I wasn't thinking about details like that when I drew this. This was my first drawing of Tigon in his new suit, and the first time I had drawn the Red Lizards in a while.

Speaking of which, this is the first picture I have posted that actually shows the Red Lizards. They are the fearsome creatures that are laying waste across the lands, and have many relatives, including Gold, Blue, Green, Black, and Brown Lizards, but they are the only evil ones. Fascinating mythology, but I doubt you really want to hear all that, so for all intents and purposes, they're the bad guys.

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