Villainous Avengers: All-Father Picture

The 2nd character of my Villainous Avengers story, the new All-Father: Doom!

In this reality,Stephen strange never had the accident that damaged his hands and caused him
to seek out the ancient one.
Instead, Victor Von Doom became the apprentice of the ancient one, eventually
becoming the next sorcerer supreme.

Though a "good guy", he still has the arrogance and pride of his regular counterpart.
Deeming to keep details of import a secret from his allies, due to them "not needing
to concern themselves with it".

While not a member of this avengers team, he has helped them frequently.

Due to Doom's integral part in the endgame, this is skipping ahead greatly in the story.
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Doom is the one who warned the Avengers of Apocalypse's imminent attack on Asgard, but
claimed he himself did not have the time to assist them against this threat.

Having merged with the Destroyer armor, Apocalyse and his four horsemen
assaulted Asgard and manged to defeat Odin(plot details to be revealed in the next
characters story).

At the moment of Odins death,as all seemed to be lost, Doom appeared and seized his power.

With Odin's divine power at the disposal of the Sorcerer supreme, Doom magically tore Apocalypse
from the Destroyer and saved the heroes.

Doom had manipulated the avengers, keeping his intentions of absorbing Odin's power a secret.
He could have appeared at any time to help Odin defeat Apocalypse. Instead he waited, waited
for us to reach the point of no return.

Furious with dooms deception, but thankful for his intervention, the heroes agreed to leave,

Asgard was saved,all hail its new All-Father!

Spiral couldn't help but wonder: Did Doom plan all this?
It all went so...perfectly for him.
Apocalypse had never before shown an interest in conquering Asgard.
Did Victor, with his enormous magical knowledge, plant the idea in Apocalypse's mind?
He had often done questionable things for the sake of the "greater good".
Did he orchestrate all this so he could seize control of Asgard AND be viewed as its savior?

If he did, was Doom the magical threat Merlin had spoken of, when he led her to the
Ebony blade?

Thor and Loki's parts in this story will be revealed later.

His appearance is meant to represent Odin, the wealth of Asgard, and the symbiotic
influence of Doom's knowledge and power merging with that of a god.
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