Stephanie Juno Kent, Wonderful Picture

This Clark Kent and Diana Prince's only child, Stephanie. I didn't color her hair or skin. D: But she's white and her hair is black.
I call her Wonderful, because I have no idea. I guess she takes more after her mother if anything. However, most superheroes could be siblings with the Black Hair, Blue Eyes kick creators go through. Think all the creators called each other up and discussed the blue eyes thing? Practically 97% of Comic Book Heroes have blue eyes. Please don't let TOO many have blue eyes. Sheesh.

Anyway, this is Stephanie. I got Stephanie from John Byrne's Superman/Batman Generations story. Stephanie comes from Steve, who was Wonder Woman's suddenly killed husband in that story. So I'm keeping it for Mr. Byrne.
Call her Stevie.
And Juno, as I'm sure most teen girls know and Mythology buffs too, is the Roman name for Hera. Basically. Kent is Superman's adopted last name. Yeah.

She's probably the strongest in my group of ladies, but she's not the oldest. That's Cynthia who is.
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