Stymph the yellowbird Picture

Creature Features
Name: Came from the marsh of Stymphalus, where they lived

Body Parts: Sharp, bronze feathers, strong, metal beaks and claws

Where: Near the town of Arcadia, in Greece

Legendary Origin: Greek Mythology

Birds are usually know as feathered friends, not as vicious killers-unless they're the Stymphalian Birds. These beast were the of mammoth cranes and had the ferocity of tigers. With arrow-like bronze feathers and beaks of pointed metal, Stymphalian birds were said to kills dozens of people during their air raids; they then would feast on their victims.

Ground Assault: In addition to tough feathers, the Stymphailan Birds also had beaks and claws that forged from metal. The birds had immense strength, which allowed them to use these weapons like spears and pierce the armor of Greek soldiers.

Feather Bombs: Legend has it that these birds had that were made of bronze. These killer always began their attacks by shedding several feathers, which fell to the ground like a rain of arrows.

According to some stories, the Stymphalian bird originally came from the Arabian desert and were man-eating creatures. The bird migrated to Greece to flee vicious wolves that the Arabs let loose to kill them, and settled in the marth of Stymphalus, near the town of Arcadia. Free from predators in Greece, the bird multiplied in great numbers and devastated surrouning towns, attacking the citizens and devouring their crops as well as their fleah.

Rattled: The hero Hercules was sent to deal with the Stymphalian bird, though they were protected by the war god, Ares. Hercules got help from the goddness Athena, who gave him a loud rattle that had been made by the gods.

Shot Down: When Hercules shook the rattle with his great strength, the frightened birds scattered into the air. From the gound, Hercules shot at them with his arrows, easily killing the bird, and driving them away to the Black Sea.

this bird is not real it's only a Legend
it's called Monster of the mind because it's only in your nightmares
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