Ibrahim Mohammed, the God of Wireless Connections Picture

This is a school work I did in arts class.
We were to create characters based on two or more figures of different religions, myths and alike, creating syncretism.
My friend Matheus Alff and I created this guy, Ibrahim Mohammed, who is a combination of the Ghoul from the Arabic Mythology and Cú Chulainn, a hero from the Celtic Mythology.

Ibrahim Mohammed is the offspring of two other primordial gods of the XXI century, Theknus the god of technology and Fa Nit Moorin the goddess of information.
He is the God of Wireless Connections, being able to amplify the wireless signals to anyone who has faith in him.
His axe, Wifendorth, can cut through almost any barriers, so the electromagnetic waves carrying the signal can travel freely, reaching his people.
The scar in his face was a "gift" from the Great Wyvern Pulsus, during a battle.

This character is a property of Matheus Ribeiro Alff and PedroCaspar
All rights reserved.
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