Neith the Wolf Picture

Wow...Mythology must have really caught my eye as of late. First Isis, and now Neith. .-.

Anyways...onto the bio.

Neith is a low rank goddess and one of Mobicra's many children, Neith was born in the human era around a part of Mobitropolis' territory that was once Egypt before the alien bombing. Much like the rest of her family from her father's side, she has the ability to change form between a Human and a Mobian. To appeal to her worshipers, she remained in her human form. When her worshipers died out after the alien bombing that created Mobius, she returned to her Mobian form.

Prior to the events of the Sonic Archie Comics, one of Neith's brothers - Anubis the Jackel - had conspired with Destral and several other deities that were Mobicra's children to overthrow her father. When Layla sealed Destral and Mobicra for the purpose of preparing Sonic for defeating the devilhog leader, Layla cast judgement on the seven gods that became Destral's first seven vessels he planned to corrupt his influence (after they agreed to this requirement of working with him) to kill Mobicra...sealing them in seven prisons for their sins. Neith was tasked with protecting both Anubis' prison in Arabia Ruins, and its key; the Ankh of Darkness.

In battle, Neith uses a staff and her godlike powers. Like her fellow gods and goddesses born where Egypt once was, she has the ability to create golden wings of light to fly temporarily. These wings burn up if used for too long however, making falling from great heights very dangerous. (Unlike with the Chaos Emerald's manifestation of Isis, the lone exception to this rule)

When Neith met Sonic's team of heroes in Final War after the defeat of the Devilhog Scorpifrit, Ib the Hedgehog nicknamed her "Dairy Weaver". Neith didn't take too kindly to the nickname, smacking Ib in the face with an Egyptian feather fan in retaliation. This is likely because she doesn't want a nickname that will get people staring at her rather than just talking like civilized folks.
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