[Dulcis Nocte] Palis Jones [INFO ADDED] Picture

Pleiades "Palis" Jones

In dream form, Palis boasts the pretentious alias "Dark Matter".

No title thus far.


15 years old.


Pansexual and panromantic. Ranked 3 on the Kinsey Scale.

Hacker; Palis operates as something of a vigilante self-taught hacker by the "screen name" of Kreed. He strives to develop a mysterious, fear-inciting reputation on the web, and though he is formidable in his skill, he has a long way to go.


Palis is, upon first impressions, a very flat, impassive character. Suffering from Asperger's syndrome, he relinquishes little to no perceivable emotion, and his expression gives away nothing, leaving one to ponder whether the boy has either a stellar poker face or is simply a sociopath. It's another story when he opens his mouth, though--one may be surprised to hear him speak (albeit in a monotonous tone) of something utterly ridiculous or even salacious, often in a backwards attempt to appeal to conversation or societal 'norm'. Really, when it comes down to it, Palis is utterly, completely perplexed by others around him--he finds people to be absolute mysteries, the way they act, think, feel. He can't help but feel detached, as though there is an immense chasm between he and his peers, and attempts at interacting with them often leave him floundering and grasping at straws, usually ending in superb embarrassment and discomfort for the other party and himself. In something of a last-ditch effort to appear at least semi-normal when it comes to presentation, Palis maintains an air of indifference, at times leading him to appear aloof, cold, and dispassionate.

When it comes to his mind, Palis is very much methodical, organized, and pattern-oriented. He manages his belongings in very certain orders and alignments--books are stacked and sorted a certain way, clothes folded and stowed away in a precise fashion, not an item out of place or askew. Though he lacks skill in most fields, he possesses a certain affinity for computers and programming, hacking in particular. His fondness of computers has perhaps contributed to his withdrawn disposition and confusion when it comes to human nature, and online he tends to demonstrate a different persona--he may act flirtatious, cryptic, and very much enjoys appearing omniscient. This personality, in many facets, has washed over to his "sleepwalker's".


Palis was born from the rape of a young woman of merely 17 years who hadn't the heart to undergo an abortion and hadn't the means to provide for a child. Being fond of Greek mythology, he was named Pleiades by the girl. He was raised in her parents' home for the first few years of his life in a poorer area of town, interaction (and affection) with his mother often sparse and impersonal. Her parents supervised him as she continued with her education, and though she did care for the child, there was always a sort of bitterness towards him from all parties in the home considering his origin. Palis, though aware of the distance between his relatives and himself, was generally blind to the sometimes cold eyes cast upon him, keeping largely to himself, a superbly withdrawn boy. His mother's apparent indifference and absence had little effect on him, and his grandparents were more occupants of the house to him than guardians. Oftentimes he'd simply spend the day watching television--theatrical, rambunctious, action-packed films and shows containing a colorful array of personalities and characters, villains and heroes and maidens and monsters alike. These captured his attention for the better part of his childhood, turning his focus effectively away from the more 'darker' elements of his home life--including his mother's drug addiction and depression, and grandparents' increasing embitterment towards him. Even so, he was not surprised when he came home from school one day to find his bags packed. He was sent to live with his aunt and uncle, a considerably wealthy, quirky pair whom he'd never met prior. Eager to appease the "troubled" child, they offered him all he expressed wanting towards and more, including a room to himself and a top of the line computer, and it was around this time Palis begun to delve into his intrigue in the world of hacking.

TL;DR: Born to a teen mom via rape, raised in her home for early years, then moved in with his aunt and uncle.

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