Fantastic Fanfiction Picture

I think that every society has had its own version of Fanfiction, from the Babylonian revisions of the Sumerian Gilgamesh, to the endless sequels to Amadis of Gaul, to the myriad versions of the Ramayana. However, perhaps the most documented form of fanfiction, and the ur example in Western Culture, has got to be Græco-Roman Mythology. In Classical mythology we have many examples of pointless retcons, Mary Sue culture heroes, and inter-textual debates on what exactly is to be considered canon. Virgil masterfully reboots basically all of Greek literature by cramming it into a Roman context. This sprawling mass of fanfiction is so powerful that its subtly disguised tendrils form the roots of pretty much all of European literature until the last century or so.

So, I don't think that it's out of the question that, in a fantasy world, that someone should have developed something that's akin to what we recognise as fanfiction. Besides, I like the idea that, in a fictional world, there's some sort of official fanfiction within it.

Also, I like the look of despair on Puey's face during this sequence.

As for the context of Xataríyona's fanfiction ... I'm sure that it's completely bonkers.

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