Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria Picture

The name in Old Norse, valkyrja, means literally, "chooser of the slain. The Valkyries carry out the will of Odinn in determining the victors of the battle, and the course of the war. Their primary duty is to choose the bravest of those who have been slain, gathering the souls of dying heros or warriors found deserving of afterlife in Valhalla. They scout the battle ground in search of mortals worthy of the grand hall.
The descriptions of Odinn's hall describe the Valkyries as foster-daughters, just as the einherjar (the chosen warriors of Odinn) are foster sons Freyja is said to be the first of the Valkyries, called Valfreyja, "Mistress of the Slain," she pours ale at the feasts of the Aesir . The Valkyries also have duties in the great hall. There, having exchanged their armor for pure white robes, they will serve the warriors they have chosen.

I bought Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria a few days ago and have been playing it and found that I was more intrigued with the characters and their histories and the background of the valkyries themselves than actually playing the game. Hehe what can I say??

Anyways my photoshop arrived in the mail yesterday for my mac laptop so now I can do photoshop where ever I want!! I'm so excited!!

So here it is the first wallpaper made on my new photoshop :]

it's 1280x800 if you need it in another size just let me know...let me know what you think
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