The Indomitable Gigantes Picture

It was a month-long work with this one, but it was still worthwhile nonetheless. This is my artistic rendition of a criminally overlooked Greek mythological monster, the Gigantes, or Greek Giant.

Though similar to the more notable Greek giants such as the Titans and the Cyclopes, the Gigantes were the more aggressive children of Gaia (the Earth) and Uranus (the Sky), and were even enlisted by Gaia to avenge the imprisoned Titans by wreaking havoc upon Olympus, until that is they were slain one by one by the Greek mythic heroes such as Heracles (a.k.a Hercules) and a few of the Olympian gods themselves.

They were also said to have snake coils for tails, which explain why this gigantes has such strange body parts. Though since I went with giving him a more less human-ish look, I thought of making the coil legs more tendril-like. Either way, it's pertained to be just as fierce as the Gigantes in Greek myth are known for. And since this one's my own personal take on it, I may even have it featured in one of my story projects.

Gigantes Pic (c) Chad Coulter

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