Some cool foxes Picture

Now, here is some foxy guys and girls you're bound to recognize... or not, depends.
This drawing is also one of the first I made after I began drawing again in 2009. Without reference. Which explains why Krystal look's a good deal UNlike herself, and why the Keaton got five tails instead of three.
Anyway, here they are:

1st, Krystal. Fox McClouds girlfriend, telepaht, and kick*ss pilot (I mean it!).
One of the things about Krystal that allure me (as so many other dudes), is her past. Or more precisly, the lack of it.
It's a SHAME Nintendo didn't pick up where Rare left and continued her search for answers.
Sure, it's obvious Andross sucked the life out of Cerinia in an atempt to revive himself (hence why it was destroyed), but come on: That could have been expanded on so much in a future game for the StarFox series. Like why Krys' parents was killed before the Cerinian genocide (perhaps having a chance to stop Andross from dooming Cerinia, or something). ...That'd make an awesome plot.
...Oh, and i really like her blue fur.

2nd, Carmelita Montoya Fox. Interpol inspector, drop-dead goregous woman, and hunter of the world's most elusive master thief since Robin Hood.
For my first time drawing her (and, AGAIN, without reference), I did quite a decent job, right? 'Cept for her pistol (groan...).
I'll be honest: Sly and Carmelita is a really cute couple, no matter how weird their relationship seems (a copxthief pairing). It's also a shame they couldn't be together until the end of Sly 3, and that it had to take Sly to feign amnesia to come close to her (not that I think Carm didn't secretly wanted for him to be with her, what with her saying he's "constable Cooper" instead of "Sly Cooper, master thief".).

3rd, Fox McCloud. Mercenary pilot, hero of Lylat, and engaged to one of the loveliest vixens ever.
I still have a difficult time understanding why I didn't get ANY of the StarFox games until Command this year (and the StarFox 64: Lylat Wars demo on Super Smash Brothers Brawl). Now I understand why so many like to recite Peppy's undying line "Do a barrel roll!".
Not to mention, I think some of the endings of Command could be mixed into one, setting some of the premises for the next StarFox game (whenever Nintendo thinks about making it, that is).
As for Fox himself, he's awesome. 'Nuff said. Period.

4th, Bullion Bill. Old miner (perhaps fortyniner), forgotten character of Banjo-Tooie.
...An old fox-man. An OLD fox-man. An elder version of a male, anthropomorhic vulpine.
...Seriously, how many guys like that do you see on DA (or anywhere else, for that matter)!?

5th, Keaton, from Zelda. And 6th, Vulpix, from Pokemon.
Creatures based on the legendary beast, Kitsune, who'll curse anyone who touch one of their tails for a thousand years.
Japanese mythology rocks, I'll say.

And last, but not least: 7th, Miles Prower, Tails among friends (and fans). sonic the hedgehog's best friend, mechanical prodigy, and two-tailed flying fox(not two-faced double crosser, that's his alternate female version from Anti-Mobius, Fiona).
To be honest, I'm no really big fan of the Sonic series (it's the speed, man. I like taking in the scenery, not race past it like a living tornado). But, since I am an anthro fan, I can't help but like 'em a little more than just 'a little'.
Also, Tails is pretty cool, what with his twin tails, mechanical skills rivaling dr. Eggman's, and his likable personality, like with Slippy Toad (althought a bit whiny ("A BIT!?", you may ask)). Nontheless, I think he's just as important to Sonic and his gang as any little brother is, was, and would be (no matter how many times they might piss you off, lol).
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