Neo Sailor Thetis Picture

"Neo Sailor Thetis, Soldier of the Aegean and the Sea, Guardian of the Three Lakes, member of the Star Warriors and the Nereids and Oceanids sub-cult, the Lady Thetis."

This beautiful Senshi is considered one of the greatest and kindest of her sisters among the Star Warriors. But she's also known for being one of her homeworld's finest Pokemon Coordinators. For the Senshi in question is Dawn, native of the Sinnoh region and one of the most renowned Pokemon Coordinators of her world, amazing all with her incredible style of Pokemon Training and showmanship.

She too, was greeted by the Star Warriors and given the offer of membership, the chance to become something greater. Though doubtful at first, she realized the good that would come out of it and agreed to become a Senshi. She learned everything she was taught at a fast pace.

Choosing to honor Piplup, her first Pokemon, Dawn became a water-based Senshi, taking on the name of Sailor Thetis. She is one of the best there is, but also has a tendency to show off to her sister Senshi. Nevertheless, many of the Sailor Warriors are proud to have Dawn amongst their number.

Weapons and Items

Sea Gem- a simple gem plucked from the sea and imbued with power, it is Dawn's Transformation Item. With the phrase "Thetis Sea Power" and a dazzling display of waves and sea foam, Dawn is instantly turned into her Sailor identity and ready to fight for the defense of her world.

Aquos Pilum- Water Spear. This is her Attack Item, her mark of office, her greatest weapon. Like many of the weapons of Water-based Protectors, it too can channel the power of the sea. But hers is unique, for it has been blessed by the touch of a sea goddess straight out of the books of Greek mythology. Amphitrite herself blessed Sailor Thetis with the power to summon the Nereids, believed to be mythological creatures, at a whim so long as she wields the spear. Therefore, in any battle, Thetis can call upon the Nereids to aid her in a fight. Other than that, the spear can give her control of the sea, though not on the level of Sailor Tethys or more powerful Water-based Protectors like Sailor Leucosia. The blade is sharp enough to slice through any opponent and is shaped from a combination of harpoon spear and Japanese naginata.

Cutlass- a simple cutlass sword, made of adamantium and nigh-unbreakable, perfect for slashing and thrusting. She wields it one-handed.

Known attacks

Sea Serpent- her strongest attack, it requires the use of the Water Spear, but once done, Thetis is able to control a winding column of water much like a serpent and direct it at her foes. She can morph the water into any form of her choosing, giving it great flexibility in battle.

Nereid Call- should she ever need help, Thetis wields the spear again and sends out a siren call for help, her voice sounding delicate and lovely to all to hear it. But this beautiful voice heralds a destructive force in the form of the Nereids, sea nymphs that aid Thetis against her foes.

Based from this old artwork:…, I gave her a completely new design while retaining some of the old style. She too is a Pokemon character made into a Senshi. She is none other than Ash Ketchum's third female companion, Dawn. Yes, that is Dawn, made into a Sailor Senshi like all the others.

It was her main Pokemon, Piplup, that inspired me to make her into a Water-based Sailor Senshi, or in this case, a Sailor Warrior. Her title comes from the Greek sea nymph who was the daughter of the sea goddess Amphitrite, leader of the Nereids, or sea nymphs, and most importantly............
..............mother to the Greek hero Achilles, who fought and died in the Trojan War. Enjoy.
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