#036 GB Actaeon Picture

YASSSS, my own, very first, Dyur! I love those horses! I named him after Actaeon, a hero from Greek Mythology.
He was a hunter, and had a pack of hunting dogs. One day, he accidently stumbled upon Artemis (or Diana in Roman Mythology), the godess of the hunt (ea), when she was bathing with her female companions. Artemis was a virgin, and wanted no one to see her naked. When she noticed Actaeon had seen her, she turned him into a stag. His own hunting dogs attacked him, and ate him...
I know, not a nice story, but I love the name. And I love Mythology! ^^

Owner: Happy-Horse-Stable

Official Name: #036 GB Actaeon

Stable Name: Acteon

Stabled at: Golden Bough Stables


Training: Natural Horsemanship, Free Dressage, Free Jumping, Halter

Best Friend: -

Personality: Actaeon is a smart horse, and eventhough he's very high spirited, and awfully big, he's as sweet and gentle as can be. He can only be ridden and handled by a experienced rider, but If he's handled well, he's a great horse!

Favourite Treat: Acorns

Breed: DyurRegistry

Gender: Stallion

Age: 8 yo

Height: 234 cm [23 hands]

Color: Bay

Genotype: Ee/AA/ff/Nn

Eyes: Brown


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