Muchi Picture

Character Concept:
When I was a kid, Ray and I had a superhero duo: Godzilla Man and Whip (hey, we were preteens). So, while looking for an inspiration for the Japanese hero for the National Guardians, I thought I'd revitalize him. The earlier version of him just had him using a whip and that was it. So, to kind of amp him up, I started looking into Japanese mythology and ended up making him the son of the Japanese moon god, Tsukuyomi.

Name: Akira Kimura
Age: 21
Personality: A bit of an otaku and seems like he's still a teenager. Rather excitable and fun-loving. He tends to hang out with Italian superhero, Massimo, as the two are rather close friends. He was originally considered an oddball because he preferred not to socialize, but it started changing when he discovered that his father was actually Tsukuyomi. Commissioned to fight and revealing that moonlight was the source of his power, he became a masked hero of the night and was eventually chosen to represent Japan in the National Guardians.
-Able to increase and decrease gravity
-Strength, speed, and reflexes that increase and decrease as the moon rises and wanes
-A whip made of a certain magical metal that can turn it into a sword and can cut through most non-magical metals
-Limited magic

Intelligence: 3
Strength: 4
Speed: 4
Durability: 4
Energy Projection: 5
Fighting Ability: 4

Inspirations: Disney's Hercules and Moon Knight from Marvel
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