MA - Ch'an Picture

Because my Mythology class just covered 'Mummies of the World' and it sparked ideas.

Ch'an is a Buddhist mummy - he's generally a pacifist, very forgiving, and will never willingly bring harm to another sentient being. Luckily for our heroes, Shabti don't count as sentient.

His 'armor' isn't much more than his robes, a helm, and one arm guard, and his weapon is a Khakkhara, which is both a walking aid/religious item/weapon of defense. He 'recharges' his transformation ability by meditating, and can hold the transformation while doing so. In theory, he can stay 'bulked up' for a very long time....but he has to be sitting still and meditating for at least six of those hours.

He is one of three multicultural mummies awakened by Scarab in an attempt to boost his own forces (since the Shabti don't seem to be doing so well) in one of my stories. Confused that he had been 'reborn' into his old body, Ch'an is currently going through a bit of a religious crisis, though he refused to follow Scarab's plans to harm Rapses/Presley. This declaration got him buried under a collapsed ceiling. Poor fellow.
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