Hermes and Glopin Picture

Here is the col and high flying with the tricky and wicked

Harems and Clopins

For Harems, In Greek mythology, Hermes was one of the twelve mighty gods who lived atop Mount Olympus. He was the god of sheperds, travelers, merchants, thieves, and all others who lived by their wits. His mother was Maia, a Titan's daughter so Hermes was born in a faraway cave on Mount Cyllene, to escape Hera's wrath. As a newborn babe, he stole twelve of Apollo's cows without leaving a trace. Apollo was angry until Hermes offered him the lyre he had made for the whole herd. Hermes was the merriest of Olympians and was favored by all gods, goddesses, and mortals. He and Apollo became the best of friends and even though Hermes was the god of liars and theives, he never stole or lied- but he often didn't tell the whole truth.

Clopin is the leader of the gypsies, and is exceedingly protective of their headquarters, the Court of Miracles. Clopin is unusual for a prominent Disney character because of his neutrality towards both good and evil. One moment he is performing street theatre for children, then he dances throughout town as the Feast of Fools celebration is underway, and the next, he's about to hang the movie's heroes. He maintains a rather macabre sense of humour even when arranging the hanging of Quasimodo and Phoebus. Judging from the way he acts, his sanity appears to be a little off.

He uses puppets and street theatre to tell stories, sometimes using one of himself which he will argue with in jest, and ultimately always overrules.

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