Wonderful Water Picture

Name: Atzi (Aztec name meaning the rain)

Species: Ahuizotl

Gender: Female

Element: Water


Serious Splash- Atzi jumps up and does a canon ball, water comes up and knocks all enemies down and even knocks some out.

Tidal Tow- Atzi disappears under a jet of water and uses her tail to drag and bash opponents around.

Geyser Gusto- Atzi digs up a geyser that burns and pushes back enemies.

Bio: Atzi pumped into Copan while the bat was out on her mission. At first Copan reacted with violence, most of Atzi's people are known for dragging people into the underworld or...well just eating them. Atzi managed to convince Copan of her innocence, but seeing how distraught the bat was Atzi offered her assistance. She was an excellent tracker, as she attempted to use her skills for good, and Copan was tired and knew little of the living world. In addition Atzi wanted to prove that not all Ahuizotl were nothing but deadly trouble makers.

Atzi knows more than Copan, but not a lot more. Her information comes from the various water ways and fishing towns. Still the two managed to hear talk about an undead dog having gone out to become a hero and the pair raced to where eh was last spotted.


- Has a bad habit of chewing on her nails when nervous or excited.

- The Ahuizotl is a mythological creature from Aztec mythology is described as a mix between a black dog and a monkey with spiney/spikey fur.

- As long as Atzi has a connection with her home river she can summon water attacks, she needs to return once a year to her old river or find a new one that she can draw from.

- Atzi is a great tracker as she helps fishermen find the best spots, avoid dangers, and return lost nets or boats to their owners.
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