Seiten and Maten Picture

The succession of the Seiten and Maten Scriptures, from one pare of hands onto another.

[After completing their Journey to the West, each of the four [heroes] was justly rewarded.]

As for Xuanzang and Monkey, they received the greatest accolade of all, winning the status of buddhas.

Monkey was left with only one concern: to be rid of the migraine-inducing band that Guan Yin had put around his head. When Xuanzang asked him gently if it had troubled him recently, he raised his hand to his temples. Only then did he realize that it had disappeared of its own accord along with the last traces of his animal nature.

Page 451
Mythology: The Illustrated Anthology of World Myth & Storytelling
General Editor: C. Scott Littleton

I believe that, at the end of Saiyuki Reload Blast, Genjo Sanzo will make Son Goku his successor and will bequeath upon him the Maten Scripture. He will himself still have the Seiten Scripture, which was his own master’s original Scripture, before he inherited the Maten scripture from Tenkai Sanzo, who passed away shortly thereafter.

If you’ve read Saiyuki Ibun, you will know that the Maten Scripture is actually meant to be a Youkai Sutra, and that it was always natural for there to be a Youkai Sanzo. The Maten Scripture was never meant to be be passed into a human linage.

Genjo Sanzo, according to Saiyuki Ibun, knows this perfectly well.…

Furthermore I predict that, with the chakra of an ordained Sanzo on his forehead, Son Goku’s limiter will shatter, and he will be able to to find a harmony between his light and dark natures - becoming a Sanzo priest in a youkai body.

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