Arden Revised Picture

This is my character Arden. I created him for a project on Greek/Roman mythological heroes (we had to make our own and yeah, they had to fit the mold of 'the hero' and stuff. So he had to be connected to the gods, a god had to dislike him, or put him through trials, and so on and so forth), back in 2008 when I was in grade 8. I redrew him in 2012, but never got the chance to upload it.

Arden is the god of mercy, martyrdom, and death. He becomes essentially the Grim Reaper.

This picture depicts a younger Arden during the middle of the story (which I never got around to writing that part), that I had to write.

Synopsis: (warning, I wrote this when I was really tired)
Arden is the young son of Hades and Persephone. He has a vampiric appearance about him, due to spending time in the underworld. He has black hair, red eyes, slightly tan skin, fang-like teeth and slightly pointed ears. He hangs around Hermes when he goes to Mount Olympus with his mother in the spring and summer months, often causing trouble. In his early childhood, this led him to fall off of Mount Olympus. (Since then he has been able to leap from tall heights without fear of injury, do to his immortal status). He was discovered by a small mortal girl, who had heard him crying for his mother, as he was lost and did not know the mortal world. The young girl (named Kira), took him to her house, and cared for him until Hermes found him. After that the two were the best of friends. Arden would often sneak off Olympus to visit Kira and her father. The only one who knew of the boy's whereabouts was Hermes, but he never spoke of this to anyone for fear that Zeus might lash out at the boy. Arden grew into a fine youth, and unbeknownst to him, Pandora (who is forced to watch the world of mortals from her prison, where she guards the box), had fallen for him. She becomes jealous of the mortal girl Kira, and sends one of the diseases that still lingered within the box after her. The disease torments Kira, and she dies slowly. Arden (who can hear the voices of the newly dead, and dying) rushes to find her, only to find that she has already gone to the underworld. He hurries back to Mount Olympus, hoping that Persephone can take him back to the underworld. However he is apprehended by Zeus, who is infuriated with Arden, having lost his trust in him long ago, (for having the ability to resign in both worlds without consequence, his lack of respect for authority and the fact that he's Hades' son). Zeus brings him before the other gods, knowing about the disease that spread forth from the box, blaming Arden for what happened, and calling him treasonous for going behind their backs to retrieve the mortal girl from the land of the dead. Arden states his case, and makes a bargain with Zeus. He agrees to give up his immortality, in exchange for a chance to set things right again, and bring his friend back. Zeus agrees, but only if Arden were to succeed in the many perilous tasks that he has set out for him. As Arden completes each task, learning how to live and fight like a mortal, he gains sympathy towards them as he begins to better understand their pain. Meanwhile Cronus has escaped, and the gods of Olympus are caught in a war. Arden finally manages to free Kira, but sees the war that is occurring between Cronus and the gods. He sends her away and joins the fight, knowing that he will not survive. He takes a hit from a beam of dark energy meant to harm Zeus, and is slain instantly. The gods soon gain the upper ground and drive Cronus, and his minions back to their prisons below. Persephone mourns her son. Zeus, aware of the boy's courageous act, gives him back the immortality he had given up. However, this merely leaves him in a frozen state, neither living nor dead. Gaia, having witnessed everything from the heavens above, decides to intervene. She has already decided that she has a job for him, and gives him a choice; to die and return to the underworld from whence he came, or to carry the souls of the innocent, and good to the Asphodel Meadows, and Elysium. But if he chooses this appointed life, he will have to wander the earth, only to interact with the dead and dying, and all the mortals (including Kira) who know of him must forget of his existence. Knowing that if he doesn't the souls will simply be ferried down the river Styx, and his father will not care whether they are innocent or not. He takes the pledge, and becomes a god of mercy, martyrdom, and death. He spends the rest of his days waiting by the bedsides of the dying, comforting them in their final hours, until he must take them to a better place. He becomes know as 'The Grim Reaper', and 'Death'.

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Umm... I own Arden... yeah
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