Messengers Picture

Don’t we just love modern media. It has this habit, ya know, to fuk shit up. Greek heroes turn into pussies, Norse gods turn black, mythological creatures flip their shit, vampires are in complete gay freefall, don't even get me started on the Templars but no one in my opinion got it as bad as the Judeo-Christian angels. Nowadays angels are portrayed as incompetent, hilariously feminized and utterly clueless. Biblically, angels were some of the creepiest entities you could come across, whipping out cities in a heartbeat and purging sinners in fire and brimstone. Cherubims are mostly portrayed as cute little babies with cuddly wings when they actually were weird looking beings with multiple animal heads. This was my attempt to bring angels back to their fearsome origins, not passing over their famous multiple eyes and draconic features. This is definetly one I will redo once I get a bit better at scribbling.
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