The animal arguement Picture

A talk between Suzette and Cornelie has turned into a great arguement with the rest of the company. My newest HTF fan character Cornelie is a woman, whose pride of being a dog is enormous.

The dialogue(WARNING: It contains very strong language):

Cornelie - Everyone knows that dogs are the best friends of the humans. Dogs bring the benefits in many of the jobs oh humans.

Suzette - Oh! Who the fuck cares?! First, there are no humans in the HTF world. Second, since there are no humans in our world, you're not special. Third, in the Earth, the planet of humans, you co-operate with humans no matter, if your owner has good or bad intentions. Fourth, we cats not only we are able to jump higher and longer than you, but also we care about our higiene. Also have you seen any other animal species, who would be such perverts like you? You put noses even into the anuses.

Cornelie - We dogs are in the TV shows, movies and rescueing brigades. We are appreciated. In the movies dogs are always good and cats are evil. It's obvious.

Suzette - That's what makes you dogs be overrated. You are overpraised and you always have lust to fame.

Cornelie - Pffft. You're just jealous, lazy-ass pussy. Also look at yourselves. You are responsible for making many bird species extinct. Also have you ever read any articles about dogs being responsible for making the certain species be extinct? I do not see any of such articles in any browsers. We dogs are just the heroes.

Mina - Yea right. So who the fuck hunts rabbits? Guinea pigs? You dogs are the animals, who would kill anything, what comes from non-urban environment. Also you dogs and cats both suck. We rabbits are cute and better, because we do not kill any animals. Besides the big birds such as hawks or owls the next enemies of our species are you, dogs!

Cornelie - Us? You'd better blame such pieces of shit like wolves or foxes, you fat ass rodent! They are responsible for all wolfaboo plague and because of that they are losing the value of being an animal and it's good for them.

Sanni - Shut your ass up, Cornelie! We wolves and foxes are the same animals like you. We are both the canines. I hate, if people demonize us for all time. First Bible, second the fairy tales and now we are demonized because of the fucking wolfaboos. Even the animal lovers are tired of us because of such fools. Once I heard, that someone would prefer a cockroach than a wolf and it doesn't sound so cute. Wolves always were discriminated, but looking at the today world nothing has changed. However at least in the mythology of a mighty empire of Rome a wolf was a sign of founding the empire since Remus and Romulus, the founders of that empires, were adopted by just a wolf. In a nordic mythology a wolf beside an eagle had a role of the guard of Asgard, the abode of Odin. Also in a greek mythology wolf was a sign of future and the most important animal in Delphi, one of the greatest cities of the ancient Greece.

Cornelie - Nice try, you savage bitch. You wolves were lucky, that at least in the Greek and Roman mythologies you were praised, but it doesn't change the fact you all are the satanic pieces of shit, who even kill for fun. Even animal lovers are sick and tired of you, so that means, you all are fucked! Hello, does that truth hurt, you cry-baby?!

Sanni - You'de better look at yourselves. What kind of animals you are, that you terrorize the natural environmet such a forests? Don't forget, that besides us you are attacking also foxes and even the herbivores such as deer. We are the important part of the nature in forest, but you are just stealing our food! Also don't forget, that we are the HTFs and the cultural animal roles do not oblige, since the humans do not live there. Also unlike you we are listening to something more serious than the "singers" such as Justin Bieber. Maybe you are listening to Justin Bieber.

Cornelie - WHY YOUUUUU...!!! Go fuck yourself in hell with Kristina and her Pack of the Carnivore Wolf Maidens or should I say "The Pack of the Carnivore Whore Faggots"! It's a pity, that Adolf Hitler did not have enough time to exterminate you even though his officers and armies exterminated ONLY most of Jews and some milions of Poles.

Sanna - Fuck off, you narcistic fascist...or nazist!

Suzette - *facepalm* Why am I not surprised of the canines?

Mina - You canines are always like that. racist and speciecist towards each others, who are still looking for some rivalry. How pathetic. I'm glad we rabbits are not like that and that's why there is a lot of us in the world.

Angelica - What? You all are argueing about which animal is more overrated? I think people in the today times should start appreciating the animals, which haven't been adored that much. For example snails, moles, lizards and especially us, snakes! We want you and humans show that we reptiles have some dignity and we are an animals too.

Cornelie - Snakes? Pfff. You are the worst animals in the world. You are the sign of Satan and evil. The normal people know you are evil especially after your invasion in Everglades park in Florida and for what you eat and how you like. Anyone, who loves snakes, is a weird-ass sick fuck, who should be taken to the madhouses. You are just the problem of the nature. Like I told that dirty-ass wolf, even the animal lovers are sick and tired of you.

Michelle - You all make me laugh. We rats are ones of the most intelligent animals in the world, but any of the animals such as you...except Mina, since she is a rabbit... eat us. You are just the primitives, who are just jealous of our intelligence. Especially the feelingless works of Satan such as cats and snakes.

Clara - Who the hell are you both calling the "feelingless works of Satan". In the Earth you rats were responsible for the epidemies of the diseases such as plague, which killed over millions of people and you brought such diseases. In the Earth hunting such animals we prevent the cases of the pest eating the yields of the farmers, who work hard so, that they could have enough food, but nooo. If people see the videos of snake eating the animals such as herbivores, people continue demonizing us and want us even go extinct and it fucking PISSES ME OFF! I am so angry because of that shit, that I would rib our teeth of, crush your bones with my coils as hard, that you would become a flesh blob! And I have something to say for you too, Cornelie. If you are Brittish, you'd better face the problem of the Europe islamization instead of giving a fuck what we are doing in a different continent! Also these people you're talking about are just the uneducated reptilophobes! You got it?!

Angelica - Relax, Clara. We are only wasting time and energy. Let's move to an another table and drink some beer.

Clara - Right. Let's go.

Suzette - I am going with you. Snakes are awesome.

Clara - Finally. Someone, who appreciates us.

Sanni and Cornelie are fighting each other and Mina facepalms looking at that.

All characters belong to me
This drawing and dialogues were produced by me

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