Hamilton and Nabil by Mshindo Picture

This is Hamilton Sief drawn by the extrodinarily talented Mshindo Kuumba.

Hamilton is the star of the "Quest of Sief" series.

The Quest of Sief

The Pitch: A young wielder of a powerful blade that only activates for a righteous cause sets out on a quest to find himself and adventure in a war torn land.
Hamilton Seif was the oldest son of a noble family kept hidden from the world in a quiet hamlet surrounded by the Vestingian Mountains. When his land falls on rough times Hamilton sets out on a quest to save his land by appealing to the nearby lords in the City of Falcien.
He is swept up into political intrigue and adventure in the big city as the city of Falcien is on the verge of a war, and enlists him to join. Armed with the Son-Blade, an ancient weapon that has been carried by the Seif family for generations he must seek a true cause for its powers to be useful to him.
Genre: Cloak & Dagger, Swords & Sorcery fantasy with a sprinkle of sci-fi
Themes: Nobility, Manhood, Responsibility, Heritage
Graphic Style: Storybook fantasy, lush and ornate
Demographic: Male teens and up

More on the character:

Name: Hamilton Seif
History: Hamilton was born to a somewhat wealthier royal family in a small burg separated from the world by Vestingian Mountains. His family line was filled with warriors and scholars who had long aided the great kings of the past when needed. His family had long ago carved out a little bit of the world for themselves and sustained peace and prosperity from the greatest to the least of the citizens in his estate.
His dreams were to leave and see the world. When hard times befell his lands Hamilton set out on a great adventure to call upon the favors owed his family to help their land and its people. Wielding the Son-Blade, a weapon forged for his family to be unbeatable in battle if pulled for a righteous cause Hamilton set out on his horse “Nabil” to help his family and his land. His horse is a jet black war horse. He can equip him with armor. The horse is extremely loyal.
His adventures took him to far reaches of the land where he made many allies and a few enemies. His gregarious and excitable nature made him loved by many. His tales of his peaceful home regaled men and women alike as they dreamed of quieter times.

Personality: Hamilton is a noble and strong person. He was born of a royal and proud line of people. He has a strong connection to his heritage and his land. He is enamored with the larger cities but maintains his moral integrity. He is a strong believer in justice and never backs down from a challenge. He is a tenacious fighter and what he lacks in skill he more than makes up for in heart. He is very good with animals and has trained his hunting dog “Bomani” as well as a hawk “Hiari” that often aid him in his quest. Hamilton is a strong believer in people which makes him a pretty good leader. He is a very passionate man and his vigor is often contagious to those around him.

Abilities: The wielder if the Son-blade can not be defeated in battle if the blade is used in a righteous cause. The wearer has improved strength, stamina and resilience. The wielder can also focus their life energy to allow them to leap great distances and move at incredible speeds. They may also expel this energy as concussive blasts. While different wielders have each honed particular abilities with the blade Hamilton is the first to extend his abilities outward to improve the vigor and strength of those that fight along side him. In the heat of battle those whose heart is true to Hamilton may also not be defeated and will have improved abilities.
The blade looks similar to the one pictured above but it is all black with a different handle. It maintains the curved look. As seen below.

Costume: His costume is a suit of light armor that was forged by the techsmith of his homeland. It can retract with a flick of his wrist. He wears a heavy hooded cloak to keep him warm and to protect him from the elements. He wears dark blues and dull grays His clothes show his regional flair that capture his roots from the mountain town and his royal breeding. The Armor has strong African influences as well as some hints of European and Asian influences as well. He has gauntlets on each arm, He carries a shield.
He has very loose clothes that fit loose on him. He has locked hair that shows a little motion. He has a clip on his chest where his hood wraps around him.

The world: Hamilton is from a world of mysticism and technology. It is a world where a cataclysm destroyed much of the population and mostly those who were previously minorities were left to restart the civilizations. The great cataclysm caused a resurgence of spirituality and mythology to merge with the technology. In this earth people still commune and use and train animals as different viruses and energy crisis can make technologies unpredictable. It is a mix between the dystopian futures of movies like Mad Max, and the Matrix with a feudal element like the Lord of the rings movies. It is inhabited primarily of a variety of cultural groups so there is a much more eclectic look to the environment with strong African esthetic as well as some eastern influences.
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