DCU Online: Thursday Knight Picture

EDIT: This is a screenshot from the character selection screen. Sorry for the poor image quality, but I don't know how to make proper screenshots, and it does a much better job of portraying Thursday than my previous drawing.

My primary character on DC Universe Online. He is... so hard to draw. I think it took me five or six attempts before I finally came up with something that I didn't totally hate, and even this is a very simplified version of his actual in-game design.

NEway, here's the details:

Name: Thursday Knight
Allegiance: Hero
League: N/A
Mentor: Wonder Woman
Powers: Mental
Origin: Magic
Combat: Primary- One-handed weapons
Secondary- Two-handed weapons
Movement: Acrobatics
Comments: Thursday was inspired by Norse mythology. Everything about him is intended to play up the idea of a magical warrior. Even his name is a reference to Norse mythology, as "Thursday" is derived from "Thor's Day," named, obviously, for Thor, the Norse god of thunder.
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