Kashi Faces Picture

Here is Kashi, the lead protagonist from an RPG game idea I first devised back in 2001 called "The Legend of Atlas." Kashi is an expressive character who displays a wide varieties of emotions throughout the story. Depicted here are some of his facial expressions (left to right, top to bottom): happy Kashi; sad Kashi; angry/crying Kashi; Kashi reacting to some kind of weird behavior from another character; Kashi surprised; Kashi talking/laughing amiably.

In many ways Kashi is a bit of an archetypal hero. He is courageous, virtuous, patient, humble, considerate, compassionate, respectful, etc. He has not only the heart and soul of a warrior, but is skilled at fighting and in the use of swords, slings, and bows. However, Kashi also has some very unique attributes. As an orphaned 12-year-old boy, Kashi has a kind of sadness and loneliness to him. He is initially untrusting, especially of adults. He connects most easily with other children who have known a hard life like he has. Despite his apparent heroism, Kashi is still very much a beaten down, lonesome orphan child, who, although he may have grown accustomed to fending for himself on the streets of Megalopolis, ultimately craves affection and friendship. In this way, there is a great deal of (Kashi's ancestor from the kingdom of Atlas) Ziegfreed in Kashi; however, the heroic qualities that make up Ziegfreed’s character seem to be battling with the flaws and weaknesses in Kashi, in very much the same way that Ziegfreed’s idealistic “Atlas on earth” is now being swept away by the grim future that is the major cities.

Here are some other pictures of Kashi:

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