Triangulum Borealis Astreya Picture

Finally (only 9 years after the conception of the character...), I managed to draw a full colour picture of my Saint Seiya OC Triangulum Borealis "I hate the name of my constellation!" Silver Saint Astreya, the talent scout of Sanctuary who is featured in the story "To Serve Sanctuary, However Required" [link] by Scorpio Milo (Romain Baudry) and me.

Astreya poses as guy, that's why her Cloth configuration is male and she doesn't wear a mask. She decided to keep her name and hair, too, as the Triangulum Cloth told her it was not rare to have guys looking like girls among the Saints and even keeping female names. ^^ I mean, with Misty or Aphrodite around - who would question an Astreya? XD

She is the one who travels around the world and abducts prospective Saint candidates. (Astreya: "Yeah, I'm the one who leads children to their doom. If you like you can call me the Pied Piper of Hamelin in a shining Silver Cloth - only I snare them by promises to become heroes and warriors for a Goddess, while most of them walk right into their deaths.")

She is a completely solitary character as she has to keep to herself to keep her secret, which she manages for more than 16 years until she is ordered like all of the other Saints after Hades to be examined by the Mad Doctorettes Makoto and Himiko, who of course find out that she's no guy. ^^

As Shaina decided around that time to put away her mask in my fanfics as most of the guys saw her face anyway, Astreya finally reveals that she is a woman, too (She only decided to pose as guy as she didn't want to wear such a mask), which comes as quite a surprise for the others. ^^

Interestingly, Astreya starts out as a comedic character (together with her brother Astrios who also becomes a Saint against his will and works as Sanctuary's bursar later on), but she gets continuously darker, especially when she starts to understand more and more how Sanctuary works and how little they care for the lives of trainees and people who are not Saints. But then she is already too deeply involved so that she does her work (well, she was told that if she decided to defect, an assassin would be sent after her to dispose of her as she would be a liability in that case), and as time passes, she gets more and more cynical.

Astreya isn't powerful where strength is concerned, but she is able to sense Cosmo and she can teleport - both abilities that make her perfect as "talent scout". And when she is in Sanctuary, her job is to teach the kids Greek, history and mythology, alongside basic reading, writing and maths. (After all, she was a student of archeology when she stumbled over the Triangulum Cloth.)

This picture shows why I should better keep to nekkid Saints - the Cloth is definitely a mess. ^^

Update: Shavana pointed out where the major mistake was: the "skirt" was wrong. I decided now that it should consist of separate pieces so that one can actually move in it, and thus I redid that part of the pic. (Thank GIMP for layers! I had the pieces of the Cloth on different layers, so fixing one part was possible easily.)

Astreya Kariakis (c) by Stayka deyAvemta
Original design from 1999: [link]
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