Axis Power Hetalia Romania Picture

my oc for axis power hetalia: romania.
ps. there are so many countries, i apologize if romania is already a character in hetalia.

romania spent much time around hungary when she was young and refers to her as nee-san. her closest country is moldova, who she calls otouto-san.

side: she joins the axis powers in the first war due to pressure from italy and a failed relationship with hungary. later switches when she and germany have a falling out

traits: romania is supersitious. she often will football tackle people if they are about to do something unlucky. despite this her favorite holiday is still halloween? she is also always late for everything and anything, she also is never in a hurry to do anything and puts politeness and conversation before buisiness. (she's a slow driver) surprisingly she is also very impatient and hates to be kept waiting.

random stuff: due to her high agricultural employment she has a larger chest than most. she also has above average health.

friends(current characters only): igirisu/england (they both see mythological creatures), hungary/hungari (after they patched things up), palestine and israel.

conflicted relations: ukraine, russia, hungary, ottoman empire

ps. the color scheme is the romanian flag

pss: updated some character info and will continue to do so as i continue to learn more

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