Technomancer Villain: Cthulhu Picture

First and main villain for Technomancer folks! Really excited about introducing this one to my universe!

Meet the Great One, CTHULHU!!

Quick bio: You may think you know the story of Cthulhu, great creation of H.P. Lovecraft mythology, but it is no myth. Cthulhu is an ancient deity from unknown dimension and a conquerer of worlds. Said to be the spawn of madness, Cthulhu has lived up to his names as a conquerer of countless dimensions, devourer of innumerable souls, and ender of hope. With many minions and followers spread across dimensions, thousands of years ago Cthulhu set his sights on Earth, but is held back by one weakness: he can not take true form in a dimension that has yet summoned him. Using his powers, Cthulhu made his presence in the dreams of Horror Author H.P. Lovecraft, and manipulated him into revealing his story onto our realm. From there, countless cults around the world formed to worship Cthulhu and his Lovecraftian brothers and sisters, the main one being the Sorcerer's cult of the Cult of Cthulhu. Many have tried to summon him, but all have failed. One day, the Cult of Cthulhu tried to manipulate renowned Scientist and Growing Sorcerer Doctor Draco Martin into summoning him, but alas in only ended in the Cult's defeat and the Birth of the Technomancer, Earth Scientist and Sorcerer Supreme. Now aware that someone from the Earth realm swears his destruction, Cthulhu has sent minions to destroy the Technomancer and summon him to our realm. While he normally waits in his realm and plots from behind the scenes, the Cult of Cthulhu has been able to grant him a temporary mortal form in our realm using blood rituals.

-In his true form, he is near omnipotent and all powerful, most notably being able to enforce madness into mortal men.
-In his mortal form, he has the following abilities:
•Superhuman Strength, Speed, Agility, Stamina and Durability
•Psychic Powers such as Telepathy, Psychokinesis, Mind Warping, etc.
•Energy absorption and projection
Matter Absorption
Penance Stare
Siphon Lifeforce
•Healing Factor
•Cosmic Awareness
•Magical manipulation
•Mind control and possession

So, Cthulhu has been added to my universe. This is an exciting day for the my Universe. I've done a few public Domain characters, but I think this is the first time one plays a major role in my stories. Cthulhu is set to be my other dimensional enemy. He is almost impossible to defeat in his true form. His mortal form is brought out by someone sacrificing their body to Cthulhu so that he may possess it. He is powerful in this form, but the mortal form can be destroy and Cthulhu's presence on Earth can be sent back to his dimension. So yeah, power levels vary.

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