Duncan Alts Picture

just all of rayman legends ( rayman's costumes) with description, enjoy!~ ( my own version )

Duncan- your normal everyday snake, not a lot for this hero!

Sir Duncalot- the legendary heroic knight! how ever... now one knows who he is... some say its because his helmet is stuck.

Dancun- to play a prank on Dave, he painted him self into Daves colours with a spell. the only problem is he doesn't know how to get rid of it.

Duncemisis- a evil copy who smashes everything in his sight! ( who also needs serious anger management )

Duncolk- deep in the jungle, this snake hunts for dinner, with his amazing goate!

Dunkon- in greek mythology, this rude snake could get Duncan mistaken as a copy! but alas, Duncan would never wear nothing but a leaf!
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