Argomon Picture

The final form of my first fan digimon, I had to come up with this concept in about a day because the GM sprang it on us. For the final battle in the RPG, we were all going to biomerge with our digimon. I don't know what level that puts them on, probably something equivalent to Omnimon/Omegamon. That level where it's not worth naming the level because they're so rare, each digimon is just unique and that's an end to it.

So, as is my wont, I went trawling through mythology for something that struck me. Literally, because my theme was lightning. Eventually I came across some of the cyclops of Greek myth, one of whom was Arges (or Argos) meaning "Lightning". It also has good connotations with the Argo (Jason's ship), and the Cyclops thing kind of referred back to the super-hero theme I tried to develop earlier in the game ... So I called him Argomon, and he was all about teamwork and unity (his crest was Trust).

The design took a little longer, but since it was a PBEM game it didn't matter so much. His helmet is taken from Hiraishinmon's head, with a cyclops visor, and his body is a stylised adaptation of human partner Rai's digital world clothing. I was pleased with how well it worked together ... and also with how well the lightning came out. A big improvement over the Thormon lightning.

EDITED TO ADD: Yes, I know there's a canonical Argomon now; in 2003, there wasn't. Thanks for your time.
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