Quetzalcoatl vs Tezcatlipoca Picture

A battle between the forces of light and darkness!

Quetzalcoatl the Feathered Serpent also known as the White Tezcatlipoca (as opposed to Tezcatlipoca who is associated with the color black) The King of the Four Winds, and The Rainbow Serpent, was one of the four primary gods of Aztec Mythology associated with the 4 cardinal directions: north, west, south, and east. Quetzalcoatl was considered one of the cultural heroes of the Aztec people, he's the god of: Light, Wind, The Day Sky, Weather, Rainbows, The West, Mercy, Justice, Law, Kindness, Generosity, Humility, Knowledge, Wisdom, and Resurrection, and Rebirth. He was one of the most benevolent and approachable aztec gods, and probably the only aztec god who was strictly opposed to the practice of human sacrifice. Instead he promoted the teachings of self sacrifice, and self purity, the giving up of one's own interests or wishes in order to help others or to advance a cause. He even practiced what he preaches, acting more like a humble monk and teacher than a god, he asked for no great luxuries, followed his own laws he set for mankind, and the only thing he asked for in return was some fruits and nuts. He was associated with the Quetzal bird which was named after him, snakes, and spider monkeys. Each of these animals connected an aspect of him to the land, water, and sky: The Quetzal representing his beautiful feathered plumage and domain of the heavens, the snake's long slithering body like a river, representing motion and change, and the spider monkey to the land and forests, representing him being down to earth and understanding of, and loving towards human.
In some stories he's credited for creating humans, the aztecs believed the earth was remade many times over, and at one point Quetzalcoatl stole bones from the God of the land of the dead Mictlantecuhtli, to repopulate the rebuilt world, by giving these bones new life. In other versions of his stories Quetzalcoatl found mankind already living on earth and saw in them the potential to build and create great things, so he decided to share with them the knowledge and arts of the gods, so that one day the gods and man could live united along side each other as equals. He taught man kind agriculture, and how to cultivate seeds, he was credited with creating corn which became a staple of the Aztec's diet, taught them masonry, architecture, how to work with metals and minerals like gold, silver, jades, and obsidian, how to dye cotton, astronomy, writing, mathematics (The Aztecs came up with the concept of the number 0) and gave them a calendar. Over all he's an awesome guy, and my favorite aztec god.

Tezcatlipoca the Smoking Mirror, on the other hand was pretty much the complete opposite of Quetzalcoatl, and the two of them constantly fought against each other for rulership over mankind. While Quetzalcoatl saw the good in man kind, Tezcatlipoca was a sadist and saw only the evil in man kind, so he had fun by tempting humans to do bad things, and then punish them for it. While Quetzalcoatl wanted to help humans rise up to the same level as the gods, Tezcatlipoca wanted only to subjugate them as slaves, and constantly remind humans that they were insignificant compared to the gods. Tezcatlipoca was god of:
The Night Sky, The Night Wind, Hurricanes, The North, The Earth, Obsidian, Enmity, Discord, Rulership, Divination, Temptation, Jaguars, Sorcery, Beauty, War, Judgment, Deceit and Strife. Along with the Jaguar he was also associated with the Turkey because it was connected to Aztec practices of sorcery. Once a long time ago, Tezcatlipoca and Quetzalcoatl were actually friends. Tezcatlipoca had helped him steal bones from Mictlantecuhti, and together they slayed Cipactli, a colossal monster that resembled the cross between an Alligator and a fish with mouths on ever joint of it's body, and each mouth was always hungry, so it would eat everything in sight! In the fight one of Tezcatlipoca's legs was bitten off, and the bite never stops hurting, but Tezcatlipoca was able to at least replace his leg with an Obsidian Mirror. His name is connected to how the mirrors he wears let out a thick black smoke.

As the story goes, Tezcatlipoca originally ruled the city of Tollan, but Quetzalcoatl interrupted a priest before he could complete a human sacrifice to Tezcatlipoca. Quetzalcoatl had been watching this city for a while and was disgusted by the practice of human sacrifice. His interference made Tezcatlipoca furious but Quetzalcoatl was easily able to fight him off, and then decided to take in the people of Tollan as his own, becoming their new patron god, and he assured them all that so long as he was in the city, Tollan would prosper like no other. As he promised Tollan a city like no other in central america, it became the biggest and most beautiful city, and center of all trade in the Aztec Empire, spreading the influence of Queztalcoalt to just about ever aztec city. Tezcatlipoca was jealous and furious towards Quetzalcoatl, but he knew he could not outmatch him in combat, so it became a battle of wits between the two of them. Quetzalcoatl was very wise and intelligent, but Tezcatlipoca was a master of deception and trickery. One day Tezcatlipoca disguised himself as an old man and gave Quetzalcoatl a enchanted mirror. Depending on the version of the story, Quetzalcoatl either sees himself becoming old and weak as a mortal, or sees himself turn into Tezcatlipoca. This makes Queztalcoatl afraid that he might either not always be able to protect his people or accidentally hurt humans himself. Tezcatlipoca then gave him a very powerful alcoholic drink telling him that it'll help him relax, but instead it made Quetzalcoatl go completely crazy for the night, and all the while Tezcatlipoca was able to tempt him to do terrible things, like rape one of his own priestesses. The next day Quetzalcoalt was so ashamed of what he had done that he publicly punished himself by setting himself on fire and burning away all of his beautiful feathers to show that not even he can get away with breaking his own rules, even if it was an accident. He hoped to regain the trust of his people so he set sail on a raft made of snakes, promising to return soon a better as a better god for his people.

From here is where I want to tell my own version of the story in my graphic novel series. While Quetzalcoatl was out at sea Tezcatlipoca created a storm to drown his brother, and get rid of him once and for all, but Quetzalcoatl only fell into a comatose state on the sea floor. Satisfied with his work,
Tezcatlipoca then tried to reclaim his worshipers, but they remained loyal to Quetzalcoatl, waiting year after year for his return, but while he was asleep someone else arrived first, the Spanish Conquistadors and it was thanks to the influence of Tezcalipoca himself that they made it there. If he wasn't going to be worshipped, no one would be!
Thousands of years later Quetzalcoatl wakes up in modern day but he has been stripped of his powers and stuck in the form of a mortal human. A fishing ship discovers him and brings him to shore but with no identity or understanding of the modern language he finds himself down on his luck, lost and confused, but on top of it all he feels guilty to have left when his people would have needed him the most, and now because of his chain of mistakes there is now nothing left of Tollan, the Aztec Empire, or it's culture. As far as he knows, all of his fellow gods and goddesses are gone...Meanwhile Tezcatlipoca has now assumed the roll as CEO of a Mexican cigarette company, with a few illegal drug companies on the side. No better way to control people than to get them hopelessly addicted to your product and sneak in your own dark magic to the mix. Zombies anyone?
After the fall of the Aztec empire, Tezcatlipoca remained as cunning as ever and adapted with the times taking on human appearance and influencing events throughout history from back stage, and starting his own secret cult following that continue to practice human sacrifice.
My plan is that eventually Quetzalcoatl discovers that Tezcatlipoca is still around, and teams up with his modern descendant from the priestess he accidentally raped, to put a stop to Tezcatlipoca, but they are caught by his cult, and try to offer his descendant as a sacrifice to Tezcatlipoca. Before they can complete the sacrifice, Quetzalcoatl kills himself instead, but being the god of resurrection he re-awakens his godly powers and turns back into the great feathered serpent!

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