Movie Night Picture

So me and mom went and saw Kung Fu Panda 3, Gods of Egypt, and Deadpool (well, she didn't see the last one. I did.).

Guess which reaction is which?

EDIT: None of you have quite gotten it. I mean, one person got one of them and another got another one right, but not the entire thing.
I will tell you this much. My reaction in the bottom one will probably tell you a lot about the kind of thing I love to learn about.

Edit: Two people got it! Top left is KFP3, top right is Deadpool, and the bottom is Gods of Egypt!

KFP 3 - The movie felt almost like it had the pacing of an episode in some ways, but when it came to the general storytelling otherwise, it was great. The ending was spectacular.

Deadpool - The guy's definitely one of my favorite Marvel characters, and he's not even a hero! Breaking the 4th wall constantly, doing good for others while still being a kickass guy who doesn't care about being just and righteous all the time, what's not to love?

Gods of Egypt - I'm always a slut for Egyptian mythology. No seriously, I love the shit out of the mythos. Learning anything about the culture of the time is one of my favorite things to do, the stories that come from the culture are great, and holy shit the gods. Just. Yes. Anything that incorporates the mythos in really interesting and amazing ways (*coughs*TheKaneChronicles*coughs*) is something you can sign me the fuck up for.
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