Love Does Crazy Things... Picture

Don't jump on me, but Hercules was one of the only films I never watched (or remember watching) as a kid. I saw it on Netflix and loved it. One day, after watching Hercules (because I watched it more than once, of course. What do you expect? I love Disney!) I turned on my iTunes account and Foreigner came on. This gave me the idea for this drawing. I usually only draw animals as I am not good at humans so this was a little tough.

----(Trying to avoid giving any big spoilers in this. Can't promise anything though...)----

I guess you can say that this image is based really on Meg's point of view. She never really knew what love was even if she thought she did. By sacrificing herself and then Hercules risking his life for her, she finally knows. (FYI, as much as I love Greek Mythology, I am totally ignoring the original Hercules/Megara myths as Disney totally Disney-fied it and I do love happy endings.
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