yurizemira - Uther Picture

Name: Uther
Gender: Male, XY
House: Ravenclaw
Owner: ~yurizemira
Uther's always been a bit of a bookworm. He always loved the mythical lands and how absolutely everything was possible in a book. Even a small Versutus like him, one who was sickly and couldn't always play outside could be a great hero. As Uther grew, his books always remained his loyal friends. He could read quite fast, though usually when reading novels, he chose to read slowly so he'd get the full effect of the story.

He's always possessed a good deal of intelligence, based on how widely read he is. He isn't always a fan of learning, though. Mostly, he tries to learn quickly so he would have more time to explore the world of books but there are a few subjects he's taken an interest in. He very much enjoys learning things with concrete facts--things that can be taught logically, like science and math. Strangely enough, his books were often a great deal more fantastical. He was always rather interested in mythology and before long began to focus a good deal of his attention on memorizing as much mythology as he could.

With his nose often buried in a book, Uther hasn't had much time for socializing though he has formed bonds with a few other bookworms like himself.

Perhaps the oddest thing about him is his relationship with chocolate. He cannot stand the smell of chocolate in the slightest. He has a very sensitive nose and can catch a whiff of almost any nearby chocolate. When confronted with the sweet smell, Uther will usually make a beeline in the opposite direction. If forced to remain near chocolate, Uther will begin to gag and heave. It may even end in vomiting. This is something that Uther chooses not to share, obviously. He has a good deal of quirks but his biggest is his distaste for chocolate.


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