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Because I have a few thing to do tomorrow I will submit it today, so yeah! Page 7 of Eorah is here.

So here is the reason of the yelling on the prev pag, so lets talk about the characters

Marine is the white one and he is an albino krawk, for that he have red eyes and his ear mark are almost not seen, the rest of his body is cover in tattoos and scars.

His name come from the military infantry force as I think of him as a strict and disciplined guy. Another reason for his name come from the game Doom 3 where the main character name is never know and just call as the Marine. His powers are Light, Ice, Metal,and Fire.

The blue female is called Aquala and is, as you can see, wife of Marine and Xiane`s mother. Originally her name was Frostie but it sound much like the top of a cupcake and also didnt fit so well her look as she look more like the water element than ice (she have both of them but water is her main element) To list her elements they are Water, Ice, light and Sound.

Her name come pretty much like Amaun name with the word water but the funny thing is Aquala is the a mark of swim suits AND the mermaid leader on Pirates of the Caribean and her color was blue much like my character (beside I think her tail tip will look like a "fish tail") So with all the Extra info I think the new name fit her better than the old one. The marks on thighs and shoulders are tattoos of her main power.

The last one but not less important is Addac. His name come from one kind of dragon called Addanc that is killed for the hero Peredur from the Welsh Mythology.

Still im not pretty clear about the myth because there is not much clear info on the Peredur story. The only thing I know is he fight and kill a dragon called Addanc but there is also a myth of a lake animals called Afanc and they look kinda crocodrilles so i think it was kinda funny.

On his design all his marks are natural and I use ideas like tiger and eyes on his skin but he end looking like a weird guildmon, still Im happy with his design, His powers are Fire, Darkness, Metal, and Acid/Poison.

If you wonder why Hanks dosent look Aquala its because she is not her mother, at least not his blood mother.A little Story for explain:

Marine was married with a black-female that I still dont name but this female was actually Aquala`s sister. The unamed female die from a cold (that later become a pneumonia) After that Marine married again choosing Aquala as his new mate. from where Xiane come from. So for short Xiane is actually half-sister with Hanks but that not important for the comic. At least not now.

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