LEGO Knights Kingdom Picture

About tenyth years ago, in the year of 2004 A.D., The Danish toy manufacturers of LEGO launched an installment to their evergoing (as time goes) Medieval/Middle-Age Castle theme/set-line… Although it was the second to have used the title, its story, universe, mythology… if any, and characters were completely fresh-yth and new. Well, aside from any recycled cookie-cutters, but the characters were still pretty awesome. And that series was.. “Knights Kingdom!”. Announced in late 2003, and released in spring of the following year (04), this theme was a very amazing and memorable series. Plus, it’s sets were unique, since they were buildable action figures rather than little minifigures.

When we (me and my family) first saw promotion for it in the LEGO Magazines/Catalogs and at Legoland, we were intrigued at first since they were more humanish, which made us think of the Bionicles (which we didn’t do… follow, because of the.. well.. it’s theology). However, we checked and the theme was more neutral. We and our friends fell in love with the series and characters. At the time, the story wasn’t questionable, even if it is the same villain betrays king and good must stop darkness (which is ripping off the Satan and God story). However, as a young kid, it was a very exciting adventure and will remain as my personal favorited LEGO theme (next to the 2007-2009 Castle, which was made after KK.. Knights’ Kingdom ended in 2006). Another aspect that I enjoy is that while most lego themes tend to include gags and pop-culture references for laughs, this series takes itself very seriously.

Other facts I can state are, that sometime after the launch, LEGO released their regular styled sets with characters from the series. I never got any myself, but my brothers had. Also, during it’s run, the “Castle Hill” area in Legoland California (and maybe other legolands around the world) was renamed “Knights Kingdom” to spread awareness of it. With the LEGO film being successful with money and people, and adaptations of Ninja-Go and Hero-Factory in development, it is possible that a motion-picture of this theme could be considered. With the books and figures being more human than LEGO, using live-action or traditional-animation would be most fitting. However, I don't know why a 2D film was never made to promote the sets when the series was running. Oh, and there was a Game Boy Advanced (GBA) video game.

The characters are…

Jayko, the Blue Knight of the Hawk: The youngest of the four main knights and the main protagonist, he is eager for action and adventure. Like his bird, he is a very fast boy.

Danju, the Purple Knight of the Wolf: This wise solder uses his wisdom to solve his problems.

Santis: The Red Knight of the Bear: The strongest of the team, although feared by many for his strength. However, his friends depend on him.

Rascus, the Green Knight of the Monkey: The joking clown of the bunch, he can climb and do tricks. It is very difficult to keep him still.

King Mathias, The Lion King (HHahaha, get it? No…): He is the good king of the land of Morcia… nothing much else. I will state this, even with some of the dark or over spiritual themes lego has done in their… themes, they most of the time seem to have a Lion as the symbol of good in their Middle-Age and Fairy Tale brands, So, even with some dark cloud, the light of God does shine through.

Lord Vladek, The Evil Knight Tyrant of the Scorpion: Once an advisor of the king, he became power-hungry and hid the king. He set a tournament to become king, using his evil powers to make sure his victory.

The art was fully drawn on March 13th of this year 2014 (for the theme’s Tenth Anniversary). I used pencil first before overlaying it with sharpie, and coloring it with sharpie and pencil. Before moving on, I have to enlighten you people about a fact… because sharpies are toxic, I need to upgrade to a less deadly tool. I do healthy task to keep myself well (eating right and going outside). However still, it is good to upgrade. And when I mean upgrade, I mean use different traditional art tools that fit my preferred style and medium. Now for the picture, I based it off a central picture to promote the toy-line. And I won’t go on about any inaccuracy or the humanization trend. I feel like this is a great masterpiece, and I want to thank God for blessing me and helping me with my drawing skills.

Art by Noah /

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