#10 Geryon the Giant - 12 Labours of Hercules Picture

As his tenth labour Hercules had to retrieve the cattles of Geryon, a fearsome giant with three torsos and three heads.
According to the different versions of the myth Geryon could either be simply three headed or being three headed with six arms, six legs and three torsos; so since I wanted to complicate my life so bad I chose the second version!

Anyway, when Hercules arrived on Geryon's territory he was attacked by his two headed hound (called Orthrus); but eventually the hero managed to kill it, which made the giant furious.
When Geryon discovered what Hercules did, he took three shields, three spears and three helmets, and went pursuing him.
In the end the hero stroke a venomous arrow in one of the giant's foreheads, killing him, and thus being able to bring the cattles to Eurystheus.

I didn't want to make a battle scene or a particularly dinamic one, since I already had to draw Geryon in the most difficul way!
So I decided to draw Geryon's various torsos arguing with each other, giving in the end little attention to Hercules' presence.

I also chose to differentiate each torso with different hair colors and eye shades: the grey one is also the tallest of the three, the black haired one is the most proportioned one, while the red haired is the shortest of the three. Infact, when they all stand up, he finds it diffucult to stay properly on his feet (I thought it was a funny idea!
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