Chibi 4-females Picture

Yes, another chibi character sheet, this time...with FEMALES! Took me forever to think of all my main female characters...yeah sadly this is them XD
(Left to right)
Suki- the legendary mother of 3000 Lucifer demon babies. Suki was a beautiful fox demon; she was married to Urikai by force. She was beaten, buried and burned by not only her husband, but also the children. During the Dark Age, all the children attacked each other but her son, Kmodon, murdered Suki. Kmodon murdered his mother to prove his worth to his father. Suki is married to Urikai but was not a happy marriage.
Sakura Tasubaki- a 15-year-old genius student who is partnered with a powerful magus known as Iken or Forged. She is a sweet innocent girl who loves mythology and science. Sakura is currently single.
Mimiru- the ninja girl who taught Jack Takura everything he knew. She is highly skilled; only one person has beaten her, which was her student. Mimiru is a happy go-lucky girl, who occasionally gets drunk. Mimiru is currently single.
Elizabeth- a low level witch who travels with Yamada in his attempt to bring justice to his family. She is also a con artist; she is always trying to steal his sword, Biagust, so she can free her lover, Prometheus. She is a cat girl but that is only cause she was designed that way. Elizabeth is currently with Prometheus.
Jamie Granbell- A high school student who is..well spazzy lol. She is a dog girl who was once protected by Ex. She taught the bio warrior to love living things as well as flowers. She passed away when she was assassinated by Ex's enemies. Jamie is single but dead,lol
Earthia- goddess of air, water, and beauty. Earthia is a kind soul, who has a lot of respect for the heroes and their girlfriends. She was Jack's aunt. She is a powerful multi-elemental god. She is currently married to Sultana
Violet Daval- police force is Star city; she is one of the major policemen in the city. One of her hands is mutated due to her Sycth cell illness. She hides it Violet once had a relationship with the criminal Bain Akisa, but no longer. Violet is currently single.
Heroin- The girl of the shadowed world. Heroin is a mute girl. She lives in the city known as Graffiti Skies. Her only friend, Cid and his spirit guardian, Torin, protect her. Heroin is currently single.
Avion- goddess of demons, love and ice. One of the few female goddesses, she fell in love with Jack's father, Pardoles. Though she never admitted it. Her older brother pursued her, Urikai but she never liked him. She met with Pardoles after he exploded other worlds. They went out and fell in love, got married and had three boys, Raliza, Jack and Kazuma. Sadly, she died protecting her sons when her brother attacked on Jack's 7th birthday. Avion is married to Pardoles but sadly dead
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