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If you don't remember, or haven't been keeping up with *Agent-Elrond's artwork, she and I have been toying with the idea for our own Fire Emblem-ish game. And over the course of the past couple years, we've been conceptualizing about different characters for this game, and here is one of 'em!

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Kax (short for Kanradax) is a famous hero from the Dark War, and one of the few escapees from the Dark Elf Project, which sought to magically alter and manipulate human beings into having the same strength and characteristics as the mythological Elves. His dark purple hair is a mark of the experiments done on him.

Despite all this, Kax is very out-going and generous, and generally tries to think the best of people. He was a good friend of both Mendar (one of the early supporting characters) and General Hadriac (the villan), before the first one ran away and the second one went crazy. He comes as a Level 8 Mage Knight very early in the game, so he can be a total EXP hog. However, he has very, very good stats and growths, and can be one of your most powerful fighters, being able to use weapons (Lances, in his case) and offensive magic. Oh, and he rides a horse, too!

Kax develops a huge crush on Nephire (the main character) during the course of the first game, and if he has a maxed support with her at the end of FEX they will have an ending together.

Kax was based loosely on Zack, from Final Fantasy VII.

Stats: (numbers in parens are the maximum for that stat, numbers proceeded by a % are growth probabilities)

Level: 28 (40)

Health: 50 (60) %80
Strength: 23 (25) %60
Magic: 21 (27) %50
Skill: 21 (25) %40
Speed: 23 (26) %50
Defense: 14 + 5 (20) %30
Luck: 20 (40) %30
Guts: 20 (40) %55

Kax and FEX (cc)
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