Misadventures of Kylla + Ereb Picture

Kylla is my insecure spellcasting elf, and Ereb is *lubyelfears's cowardly mage. They are both from Dragon Age: Origins and there is a *massive*, epic, backstory quest that they embark on, more or less between the seams of the Dragon Age storyline.


Ereb Amell

Ereb was taken by the Circle at the relatively late age of 9 and, as a result, has a vivid memory of the family and world that he was snatched from. Consequently, life within the Tower has been an unhappy experience for him. Quiet and reserved, Ereb tends to keep to himself and focus on his studies, struggling to repress memories of his earlier life. Despite this, he has an undying loyalty to the Circle and is proud to be a Mage, revelling in his magical abilities. Although he is liked by his teachers due to his dedication and natural skill, he has few friends amongst his peers due to his shyness and their mistrust of vegetarians.

Ereb likes to spend his time walking in the Tower’s grounds, practising his recorder, or in the Library, pouring over old texts and secretly composing poetry. It was there that he first noticed Kylla, thinking her the prettiest girl he’d ever seen; however, he was too timid to ever approach her. Introverted and fragile, on the surface Ereb is the most unlikely of heroes.


Kylla Surana

Taken from her family at a very young age, Kylla has no memory of who they are or where she comes from. Perhaps this is why her eyebrows are perpetually sad, and she looks like a kicked puppy. But the sheltered world of the Circle of Magi has been kind to her, and has kept her from the worst of the discrimination against elves. Her teachers, who care more about her magic than her heritage, were pleased to train her keen intellect and guide her natural curiosity. She grew up well-taught and sheltered from common concerns, innocent of the world and the disgustingly dirty, unhygienic things in it.

Eternally optimistic, Kylla is well-versed in the stories and mythologies of old, and ignorant of the current events set in motion. Recently, Kylla was very proud to submit her thesis, "The Role of the Spectator in the Fade: A Comparative Examination of Spectral Views and Dreaming Perspectives in Other Dimensional Worlds," prior to passing her Harrowing test with flying colors.

Wistfully sad, determinedly hopeful, yet insecure and utterly literal-minded, she is nonetheless determined to prove that with, "heart, pluck and determination!" anything can be achieved.


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