Kar Thorn Bio Sheet Picture

Full Name: Karen Elizabeth Thorn

Nickname: Kar

Age: 19

Height: 5'6

Weight: 125 lb

Eye Color: Red

Hair Color: black with red highlights

Skin Tone: Pale

Occupation: S.H.I.E.L.D agent *cough, cough* I mean, Anti hero

Home Town: Denver, CO

Current Home: New York, NY

History: Karen Elizabeth Thorn was born in Denver Colorado. Her father was an armed solider in the Marines, she learned a lot about ammunition and combat from him. Her birth mother Tina was very stricted about Karen’s behavior and blamed her father when she had brought a gun to school on accident. When her father Eric was honorably discharged he divorced Tina and re married a year later. He married Amanda and she had a son named Matthew. Karen grew to love her step mother and brother. She got her nickname ‘Kar’ from Matthew because he was a big fan of NASCAR. When Kar was seventeen she started getting into drug, and stealing money and food and her father started to get very enraged by her actions. They started to get into huge fights that sometimes ended physically. After about a year and a half of her doing this, she decided to live her own life and leave her family behind. She lived in Arizona until she ment Prue Crane online. They quickly became great friends and soon Prue sent Kar a huge amount of money from her parent bank account so Kar could bye a plane ticket to New York City to meet her. Kar took the opportunity and was in New York within three months. This was about a year before Loki had invaded Earth. Kar had not met Loki at this time but she had saved very few people from the rampage, while also stealing a few weapons in the middle of it all. When the Avengers defeated Loki she then realized that she could take the path of becoming and Anti hero and tried to work for S.H.E.I.L.D. Sadly they had rejected her request, due to her rebellious nature and inability to her and Prue.

Personality: very cocky, tomboy, manipulative, known to be a trickster, and a bit psychotic

Likes: Video games, Norse mythology, guns, money, gold, leather, pizza, art, music, pirates, cheesy romance novels, movies, vampires, anything black and red

Dislikes: girly girl related things, losing fights, being tricked or lied too, dresses

Relations: ThorThor was probably the only member of The Avengers that she actually liked. The both of them became great team mates. Mainly because of her experience with his brother Loki, Thor had insisted on protecting her.

Natasha Romanoff – Kar had never really had a good relationship with Natasha. She never found Kar to be the greatest fighter, but however Kar was able to befriend her after she saved Natasha life.

Steve Rogers – Steve find Kar to be a bit creepy. He is the only one that actually knows about her turning into her alternate form

Tony Stark – Tony never really liked Kar. She had used him and stole most of his money. And on top of that she all ways tries to prove how much of a better “hero” she is. Kar just pisses Tony off

Bruce Banner – Bruce only met Kar once, but from his point of view she is quite wise. Even though she a habit of stealing his work

Clint Barton – Clint has never talked to Kar before. But from what he has seen from her, she is not a very skilled agent or hero in general

Lokithese two have a love hate relationship. Kar seems to hate Loki to the core but other times she finds the god to be a hurt soul. Though Loki has found Kar to be only but a possible teammate, he seems to have a neutral feeling about her. These two seem to be polar opposites but from the adventures they have, they seem more in common

Deadpool – Deadpool is one of Kar’s personal friends. The two are like two peas in a pod. Both loving guns and causing trouble they both have been on many adventures together (mainly out of Kar being bored)

Peter Parker/ Spiderman – These two had met under odd events, Peter and Kar have been involved in many rescue missions and Kar even helped Spiderman against Venom

(Venom still lives in my fan fic’s XD)

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