The Legendary Magneez! Ruler of the Underworld! Picture

here is the mighty Magneez! he is the third main legendary of the Rhodena region (similar to a Giritina, Rayquaza, or Zygarde sort of thing) it is said the many millenniums ago a giant blazing meteor hit the Rhodena and sank deep into earths mantle. The meteor awakened but damaged, many other essential parts of the creature broke off, one shard fell into the ocean and the other into the rocky mountains. the creature rules the lava caverns of earth core waiting to be discovered by a hero/heroine......

Magneez is imperfect but once it fuses with either Oceanatros or Dracotain it could transform back to its primal stage.

to get to the the Nethar caverns, where you find Magneez, you have to beat the entire game and the a passage will emerge in either the great highlands or the great abyss to get there.

Magneez will be either Dark/fire Dragon/fire or idk....XD

i got inspiration to Magneez Mostly by Greek Mythology like Hades and the Cerberus.

hope you guys like itXD^^ had a little trouble on it though XD
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