The Unleashers: Kroni Ric Bio Picture

You can't have a team of superheroes without a supervillain for them to fight. Here he is, the "Loki" of The Unleashers, Ricardo. Referred to as Kroni Ric. Named after Kroni of Ayyavazhi mythology who is a manifestation of evil that can take various forms of evil and is parallel to the devil.

His abilities are centered around trickery and deceit as well as defying reality and physics. After getting his hands on the Yresyr, Ric gains these powers and uses them to start a new world where Rebecca can be worshiped by erasing our world and all who oppose them. This includes the Forever Heroes, JUMP, and Rights Fighters. Thus, the Unleashers are formed and plan to stop Ric before he succeeds. Although Ric doesn't believe what he's doing is truly evil but just his way of expressing his love for Rebecca. Basically thinking why give her flowers when he can give her something even greater?

Trailer: The Unleashers: Kroni Ric Trailer
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