The Outside Characters : Ali in Greece Picture


And because I did an illustration for this world, here is how I would like in Greece !
Why don't I have my glasses ? We're in Ancient Greece, it would be strange if I walk with something which was still not invented ! So, or I don't see a goddamn away thing, or Evangeline uses a special magic to make me see in the Disney worlds !

Who I would get along with : </u>
- Hades : ... Big crush... Future love...
- Pain and Panic : Poor little things, always suffering from Hades' anger ! I would do my best to protect them xD
- Cerberus : At first, he would be ready to eat me, but seeing how much I love dogs, he would quickly appreciate me. I would even call him "Big Babies" !
- Megara : She is so individual, she was always one of my favourite Disney girls, and what a kick-ass attitude ! What a woman !
- Philotectes : I respect him, for the passion he has to train all these heroes.

Who I would not get along with : </u>
- Hercules : Neutral. But... Never had a special attraction to him, I find him boring as a teenager, and... so childish as an adult... Sweet, yes, but childish...
- The Gods : When I see how they are in the mythology... Eww... I always imagined they stay like that in the movie (But not shown, of course), and only Hades feels disguted in front of the attitude of his "family" (That's why, for my Persephone version, THEY ARE NOT A COUPLE !). Especially Zeus for having forced his elder brother to stay in the Underworld, and Aphrodita for being a bitch.

That's it for today !
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