How reindeer can fly? Picture

Magic, duh XD

It has been just too hard for me to avoid these little things. I know that Himaruya has made it clear that Fin can't see magical creatures (Manga and anime) but... Aargh I love finnish mythology! It's just too hard not to use it in while drawing hetalia. I mean Fin don't know magic even that he flies(fly?) with sleigh led by flying reindeer?
And Fin's surname, Väinmöinen, is straight from Kalevala's hero who also is powerful sorcerer. Himaruya just makes it too tempting combination not to use! XD
Well maybe it works only on Christmas ^-^

So I wanted to make Fin's santa Claus outfit little more old and fantasy looking. I love this finnish film, Joulutarina (Christmas story), one version again how Santa character was born, but I don't know... It was so modest and warm film and I really love it. And I used it's santa Claus outfit as inspiration while designing this and put some own hand touch.

Those who don't know, in Kalevala, Väinämöinen uses kantele made from pike's jawbone so that is the ood looking instrument. Spells in Finland's "religions"were meant to sing and pike bone kantele was strong magical instrument used by Väinämöinen while singing, playing it. Also in frames there are sentences from Kalevala and thought that Sibelius's Finlandia notes were just fitting to company them.

I don't usually get A3 size drawings done but I finally decided that this idea was good enough to to do in larger scale and I'm glad I did. This is actually work that I feel even little bit proud of.
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